Technical Assistance, Riyadh City Business Unit


The objectives of the Project to be implemented are aimed at improving Riyadh City Business Unit (RCBU) operational performance and improving its financial sustainability by focusing on two areas: Sustain and improve RCBU performance and support the preparation of the future operating model.



To sustain and improve RCBU performance, Veolia - with the support of Seureca its consulting engineering subsidiary - will provide technical support to NWC regarding corporate initiatives for maximizing revenue and reducing operational costs. Veolia will also address specific weaknesses and imminent challenges.
To support the preparation for the future operating model, Veolia will provide robust financial information and operational performance data, as well as TSE sales and marketing services. Finally, Veolia will also bring support during the transition period when responsibilities will be transferred from RCBU to the new entity.
The emphasis is to be on achieving business improvements through the implementation of practical solutions to performance gaps, mentoring of the existing RCBU operations management team and knowledge transfer.


  • Provision of technical experts to support NWC and RCBU and provide mentoring and on-the-job training.
  • Preparation of an Initial Plan, incorporating a short-term improvement program, and Annual Functional Plans to address the business requirements of RCBU and incorporating the Project Objectives (Customer Services, Water Operations & Maintenance, Environmental Services1 Operations & Maintenance, Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), Preparation for Future Operating Model, TSE Sales & Marketing).
  • Management of the implementation of priority initiatives set out in the initial Project Plan and Annual Functional Plans.

Improve operational performance

Preparation of the future operating model

Monitoring & on-the-job training