Nawah - Barakah Nuclear Power Plant

Waste Management and Industrial Services at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant
Nawah Energy Company - Barakah Nuclear Power Plant

| The challenge

Established in 2016, Nawah Energy Company (Nawah) will operate and maintain Units 1 to 4 at the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, the first nuclear energy plant in the UAE and the region, located in the Al Dhafra region, Abu Dhabi.

Veolia has been contracted to provide complete waste management and industrial services onsite under a high security zone. 

A comprehensive and innovative waste management approach was imminent as BNPP is first of its kind in the Middle East and Veolia expertise needed to be at the core of the waste management operations on site.


| Veolia’s solution

Veolia has provided Nawah energy company with high quality waste management services in high security zoning with dedicated manpower and specialized fleet of vehicles and equipment.

Baling solutions for recyclables onsite in developed and deployed. This increases the hauling efficiency by decreasing the volume occupied by the materials. 

Onsite industrial services such as preliminary sludge separations units are deployed to bring in financial efficiency to the customer and eventually reducing the carbon footprint by diverting the sludges from incineration processes.


| The benefits

Veolia has been working with Nuclear power plants all over the world to support their critical environmental services divisions and have core expertise when it comes to delivering sustainable, environmentally friendly, safe and optimized operations for its customers specially Nuclear power plants. 

One of the initiatives Veolia has taken is to deploy electric vehicles on site i.e. Electric forklift to reduce the carbon footprint on site and bring in financial efficiency for the customer at the same time. 

Veolia has provided Nawah with much needed support on developing waste management and industrial services plans on site as the site is recently developed and is one of the first Nuclear Power Plants in the region. Veolia expertise to support the development of the environmental services was crucial and remain of great importance. 

As part of the continual improvement process Veolia is not only supporting Nawah with its waste management planning but also brining it much needed operational and financial efficiencies by reducing the waste volumes for disposal by providing preliminary treatment on site.

For such critical and high profile site, Veolia has made sure to provide enough standby resources to support waste management services at Nawah and made sure of business continuity. 

Veolia will continue to support Nawah with its growing operations and are fully capable of expanding its services volume as and when required.




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